Carve them into Stone


Ah, January. I love January. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for this month. Even though It officially starts feeling like winter, it’s my birthday month!

My birthday was beautiful, with unusually warm weather that involved a short and sweet beach trip, floating (for those who have never tried it or don’t know what it is, do yourself a favor and research it! Then go try!), awesome vegan food, tulips, fun cocktails, and dozens of wonderful texts messages. Above all, I had my loved ones all meshed together for an night fun out on the town. It warms my heart thinking about my loved ones all in one place having a great time. This past week, I went to a domesticated wolf farm called Howling Woods Farm (another experience I highly recommend) where my boyfriend and I learned about wolves and wolf-dogs. They’re such sweet, beautiful animals.

With the turn of a new year (new year new me right?)- I set a couple goals for myself. I finally began to promote myself and my business on social media. I founded Flourish and Bloom Wellness this month, and did a bunch of things to generate business. I developed a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram, and this blog. I also created new business cards and a flyer. I had never done anything like this before. Feelings of intimidation and even doubt crept into my brain, and I could feel fear poking and prodding at me.

At first, I was making excuses to avoid putting myself out there. I felt guilty, but I also didn’t FEEL ready. Which I realize now is okay. I want this experience to flow, and it is important to me that this process feels somewhat organic. I felt January was the time I just didn’t know when.

I was working in the massage studio that night when I saw I had a young girl (under the age of 18) on my book. I was immediately curious, and a little nervous. I walked into the lobby to greet her and her mom. During her consultation, I found out that the girl had a history of being in and out of the hospital, and her family wanted to try massage to see if it could help her relax. It was clear this girl was going through a rough time. She was tired and sick. My heart felt heavy, but she had the most positive glow to her. She was smiling and excited to get her first massage. Immediately I felt lighter and got excited too! When it was over, I asked her how it was and she said it was amazing.

I’ve massaged a lot of people and have felt a lot of different energies, but this stood out. It was an “ah ha” moment. This is what I love, and why I do what I do. It made me realize I’m not really promoting myself when it comes to this business- I’m promoting a service that provides pain relief, relaxation, and most importantly, self care. It’s about my clients and my students, and about their growth and self discovery. I’m just a guide (and hopefully even an inspiration)!

Another goal I have this year is to read at least one book each month. For January, I chose Living Your Yoga by Judith Lasater. I received this book during my yoga teacher training, reading it on and off but never fully committed to it. But once I did – can I just say ‘wow’?! What a book to kick off the year with. I’m definitely going to be referring back to it- reading it to my students in my classes and probably going to talk about it on this blog in the future. I’ve underlined, starred, and highlighted almost the entire book. It resonated with me so much. I want to carry it with me all the time now! I truly feel I was meant to read this book at this particular time in my life. Even if you’re not super into yoga, I would still recommend it.


So, these are my goals for February:

–  Challenge myself in positive ways by promoting my services on regular basis, simultaneously loving myself along the way by consciously acknowledging any fear and letting it go

– Do something I’ve put off this month… recording myself teaching a yoga class. I already feel a sense of vulnerability when I teach, but I know this is the best way to fine tune my skills as a teacher, which is going to benefit not only myself, but my students in the long run

– Read another book!!

– Try something new such as rock climbing, aerial yoga, kick boxing class, volunteer at an animal shelter, teach somewhere new, etc.

What are your goals? Are they written down somewhere? If not, write them. Make a list. Tape it to your mirror! Start a blog or a private diary! Carve them into stone (just kidding, unless you can, then go for it!) If they are in your head, turn them something tangible. Ask yourself, “are these goals important to me?” If they are, and I’m sure they are, then prove that to yourself. Make yourself a priority. Be kind, but also be real with yourself. Ask the hard questions and try to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing (or what you’re not doing).

Achieving what you really want can’t be done overnight. So start small- just don’t stop contributing to your growth as a person. Feed your bloom!


Lots of love always,





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