Travel Post! Los Angeles


It’s felt soooo long since I have written a blog post but I’m ready to dive back into it! I’ve been wanting to talk about my trip to Los Angeles…

Back in July my boyfriend and I flew out to Los Angeles, California for a mini trip. We stayed 5 days, 4 nights. We flew to San Francisco on Thursday, July 13th for a 2 hour lay over and then landed at LAX. I also need to mention how the San Francisco airport has a YOGA ROOM!


I just sort of peeked in because I didn’t want to disturb anyone in there but what a great idea!

We stayed with my boyfriend’s cousin the entire time, which was great. He was able to show us around and gave us suggestions for things to do. Once we were out of the airport hustle and bustle, we hit up a restaurant called Gracias Madre in West Hollywood- known for their Mexican cuisine and CBD infused cocktails. We found GM on Instagram and put it on our list of restaurants we wanted to check out. We didn’t try any of the fancy cocktails, but we did hit up the happy hour margaritas and vegan nachos, which were sooo delicious. Exactly what we needed after a day of airports and traveling. That night my boyfriend’s cousin invited us to a small TV show premier event where we saw Seth Rogan (in the flesh!!) and after we got vegan pizza. Oh, we also saw these pretty lamps.


The next day (Friday) my boyfriend and I got coffee in this cute area of LA called Little Ethiopia. Then we walked around the Grove, which is basically an outdoor mall, and ate more delicious vegan food..


..we checked out the Whole Foods (because we love Whole Foods) then decided why not go to the beach! We bought cheap beach towels at K-Mart and hit up the Santa Monica pier. The pier was awesome- so much was going on. There were people singing, dancing, going on rides. We bought a bag of sliced mangoes for $5, which were (so far) the best mangoes I’ve ever had. We walked all the way to the end  of the pier and then eventually made our way onto the beach. The water was warm and although we didn’t end up going in or even laying on the beach, the walk itself was really nice. That night we hit up another vegan restaurant called Doomey’s. We walked around the main strip of Hollywood where we saw the Hollywood stars- which was SO overwhelming and extremely crowded, but fun overall.


On Saturday we decided to hike Runyon Canyon. Looking back, this was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. I highly suggest anyone who is in LA to go on this hike. It was HARD at times I won’t lie, but the view made it SO worth it.


At night we went to the Griffith Observatory.. which was a complete contrast to the view we saw during the day. The view at night was just as, if not more beautiful.


Sunday my boyfriend and I parted ways for a bit and I met up with my dear friend Emily who lives in California with her 4 year old niece Olivia. We got vegan donuts and took a drive to Santa Monica beach, where we watched Olivia have fun making sand angels. This was definitely another highlight of my trip. I missed Emily so much and I LOVED meeting Olivia. We pertty much became best friends instantly.


That night my boyfriend, his cousin, and I went to the Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard. We got to see comedians like Chris D’elia, Iliza Shlesinger, Bobby Lee, Greg Fitzsimmons, etc perform 15 minute sets. I was SUPER excited to finally go to this comedy club that I had heard so much about. This place is absolutely legendary. If you’re into comedy at all, you have to go.


Monday was our last day in LA. My boyfriend and I went to this AMAZING vegan Ethiopian restaurant in Little Ethiopia called Rahel’s Vegan Cuisine – all you can eat buffet style restaurant.  There we had lunch and sat to watch their traditional style coffee ceremony, where they cook the coffee beans on a hot burner right in front of you where they craft the perfect cup of coffee. I didn’t have a cup, but my boyfriend loved it and was definitely wired up.


Our flight home was at 11:30 and we arrived safely in Philadelphia on Tuesday morning. This trip was absolutely amazing. It was so refreshing to get out of my working routine for a little bit and explore a new place with someone I love. We were getting a lot of natural exercise by constantly moving around, eating amazing food, and doing something different every day. I highly recommend doing all of the things we did, especially the hike and checking out the comedy store.

Next trip we’re off to AMSTERDAM!! For a whole week!!!! I will for sure be posting about that when I get back 🙂





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