3 Important Lessons I Learned Starting My Own Business

side plank

Hello!!! It has been toooo long since I blogged on here- I know I said I would write about my trip to Amsterdam but I’m going to save that for another time. Right now I’m super deep into networking and trying to market myself. It’s been well over a year and a half since I started teaching yoga. As I’m sure you already know I primarily teach corporate yoga in the South Jersey area. It’s been over a year at my dad’s work at ASRC Federal, 9 months at the Michael’s Development company, and just over a month at my NEWEST client PHH Mortgage! I’m also teaching at a STUDIO at Honest Yoga in Marlton. People can actually come to my class outside of work now! Lots of exciting things happening.

I wanted to share what I think are the 3 major lessons/tips I’ve learned through this crazy amazing journey of building my business..

  • Understanding my Worth

    I’m putting this first because I believe it is the foundation of everything I’m trying to do. I understand the services (yoga, meditation, massage, etc) I provide to people have value on multiple levels. Teaching yoga is sacred and I am lucky that I get to teach 6 classes a week. I can confidently say I feel worthy of this opportunity because I was the one who manifested this for myself. I’ve worked through so much fear and heart ache to get where I am today and I can say with confidence.. I am worthy of the opportunities that have been presented to me. This feeling, this understanding, is pushing me to be a better teacher, better person, better friend, etc. It isn’t boasting or bragging. This is owning what I have worked for and what I’m trying to build. This attitude also played into figuring out what to charge for my class. Once I understood the value I had, it played into the financial logistics of my business. It feels tricky mixing yoga and money, but the reality is I want yoga to be how I make my living. I’ve picked fair prices that I’m happy with and don’t budge when there’s a debate about it. I know what opportunities feel right and which ones don’t.. which leads me to my next lesson..

  • Trust, Practice Patience, and Have Fun with this Process

    I am truly in the hustle mode right now, but over the summer I had lost interest in promoting myself. I was unsure of what I was doing or where I was going to go with this business. I felt weird calling Flourish and Bloom my “business” because it didn’t feel like it at all. Even though I had lost interest, I did not lose my patience. PHH Mortgage was working hard to get me in their company and it was taking more time than I was used to, but I completely put my faith in trust that it would work out. The woman helping me at PHH was keeping me updated and was incredible through the whole process. In my heart of hearts I knew it was going to work out. Rather than turning to fear that this would fail, I put trust in the idea that it would succeed.

    If you’re doing what I’m doing or doing something similar and you’re working hard/doing what you can to get your business off the ground- trust that it will. There will be highs and lows- some weeks I have lots of leads and everything looks super promising.. other times I have no leads and I start to question everything! Enjoy the process REGARDLESS!!! It certainly has it’s up and downs but keep your eye on the prize. When you do land clients it is the most rewarding feeling ever.

    Last but certainly not least..

  • Finding Confidence to Put Myself Out There

    My confidence fluctuates just like any other person. For awhile I was fresh out of cards, brochures, flyers, etc. No surprise this was around the time I lost interest in promoting myself. When teaching with PHH finally arrived in September, I started getting a lot of positive feedback which kicked my motivation into overdrive. I just recently re-printed all my brochures, flyers, and ordered new business cards. I even just updated my website. Every class I teach I leave my business cards and brochures out for people to take. I ask for what I want. I ask my students to send me their reviews so I can put them on my website. I ask them to give my brochures to any friends or family who work at a corporation that might be interested in my services. Does it always work that I get a lead? No, but any little effort helps. It pushes the motivation and drive to continue doing what I’m doing. Little efforts help create the bigger picture- it feeds the dream.


You can see these as lessons or even little tips if you’re in the same boat that I’m in. All of these truly tie together. If I don’t know my worth as a person, I don’t have the confidence I need to put myself out there and TRUST that things will work out. It does not come easy- it requires a lot of energy physically, mentally, and emotionally. It requires stepping out of my comfort zone. Building myself takes work, but I know in my heart of hearts this is what I was meant to do. This is something bigger than myself. I am so beyond grateful that I am where I am. I can’t wait to see what comes next 🙂

Love always,




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