Teaching Corporate Yoga

PHH Class

PHH Mortgage, Mount Laurel NJ


Wake up. Practice yoga. Grab some coffee. Get in the car- drive 10 minutes to the office. Say hello to the security guard/receptionist. Plop myself in the conference room/break room/warehouse. Lay out my speaker, chimes, business cards, and aromatherapy. I turn the music on and wait patiently for my students to arrive.

I typically teach a 40-minute to 1 hour all-levels yoga class. I use hatha/vinyasa techniques and explain different modifications for certain poses. I give students the choice to challenge themselves or be restful. This is my favorite part of teaching because this teaches the student to listen to their own body’s needs. I incorporate a variety of music, everything from hip-hop to slow ambient tunes. At the end of class, I pass out eye pillows. The student lies on their back, palms face up and feet rolled out. The most important pose of all- Savasana (corpse pose).

I’ve noticed a lot in the last 2 years of teaching corporate yoga. Number one being the community that grows within the company and the overall morale of employees (students) pre/post class. I see the physical, mental, and emotional strength in each individual growing from week to week.  They leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to tackle the rest of the day. I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve heard “Thank you so much, I really needed that!” after class. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the aesthetic of the space truly doesn’t matter. I’ve taught classes in conference rooms, warehouses, break rooms, even outside on nice days. One of the many wonderful things about teaching yoga in the workplace is that it can be done anywhere!

I can see that the employees genuinely appreciate yoga being a perk that the company provides. There’s something to be said about stepping away from the grind of work to move the body and quiet the mind in the middle of the day. Here’s just some of the many kind words students have sent me:

“As a beginner yogi, I had no idea what to expect from yoga.  Theresa makes learning the practice of yoga enjoyable and very calming.  I have found that yoga at work is the perfect way to relax and get away from the days’ insanity. Even after returning to work from yoga, the calmness stays with you. Theresa has a very soothing way about her that transfers to her students.  I look forward to our sessions and advancing in my practice.”
– Christy, The Michael’s Development Company, Marlton NJ


“I absolutely love the weekly corporate yoga sessions Theresa provides at my workplace. Since beginning yoga I have increased core strength and flexibility and find myself far more relaxed throughout my week. I would recommend Theresa to both individuals and groups looking to improve their day!”
– Alexis, ASRC Federal, Moorestown NJ


“I wanted to let you know that my favorite company benefit is my twice weekly yoga sessions with you. Your instruction is excellent as you guide our group through gentle stretching postures to improve flexibility, reduce stress levels and improve mental clarity. I return to my desk renewed and am hooked on Yoga with Theresa! Thank you!”   – Gerry, PHH Mortgage, Mount Laurel NJ

You can read more testimonials at https://www.fandbwellness.com/#kind-words

If you had told me I would be teaching 5 days a week as my full time job after I completed my yoga teacher training in May of 2015, I would’ve said you were crazy.  I didn’t anticipate this becoming my passion, but now I can’t imagine doing anything else. Bringing yoga to people, especially those who work in a corporate environment, is a very special experience and it speaks volumes to a company that allows this sort of space for their employees.

Thank you to all of my corporate yogi students- who are really my teachers. And for all my future teachers to come.

To learn more about what I love, check out https://www.fandbwellness.com/corporate-yoga/




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