Travel Post – Thailand!


I’m back from Thailand and it was absolutely incredible! I wish I had a better way to describe this experience, but it was just that..amazing. The food, sight seeing, and excursions were unbelievable. I have tons of pictures and memories to put together a bigger picture of the trip, but main thing I want to talk about is the mental take away from this. I’ve reflected a lot since I’ve been back and here’s what’s resonating right now..

What traveling across the world has taught me:

  • You’re more capable than you think you are

In total, I spent around 60 hours in airports, on planes, in shuttles, taxis (even a taxi scams) etc. I was sick twice. Exhaustion doesn’t begin to describe how I felt hopping around from one place to the other. I’ve also never been a very good flyer- I’ll do it but it’s not without my anxiety taking over and playing a variety of unsettling scenarios in my brain. I knew I had a 15.30 hour flight to Shanghi (China) which was the longest I’ve ever been on a plane and furthest I would ever be from home. It was a true 50/50 feeling of internally freaking out and remaining shockingly calm. That being said.. I made it. I did it. I made it through 8 flights in total. I was able to beat getting sick (twice). Anything negative I played out in my head didn’t happen! Even in Thailand, a very different world from the United States, I found comfort miles out of my comfort zone. Being home, I realize how capable I am of handling situations beyond my control and how much stronger I am mentally because of these experiences. Also, I beat my fear of flying!

  • Now or never.. just go for everything you want to do

While in Thailand, I had time to reflect on what I want and what my goals are. It’s not that I don’t think about this a lot at home, but I think reflecting in another part of the world is almost like a different kind of reflection. Being out of my comfort zone and seeing how much I was able to handle mentally while traveling made me think…why can’t I have this same perspective at home? Being in my little bubble at home made me extremely comfortable, which I realized can be hindering to my growth. You learn so much more about yourself when you’re in a completely different environment. I realize I want to write, I want to vlog, I want to podcast, I want to do yoga videos online, I want to do corporate yoga retreats, and more!  The same capability and bravery I felt across the world can certainly be applied to here at home. I feel more motivated now than ever to start diving deep into my goals and dreams.

  • Surrender, Surrender, Surrender

This was by far the most important one I think. This experienced allowed me to truly understand the meaning of letting go. It’s easy to get frustrated when traveling for that long, going from one plane to another with dehydration, hunger, and sickness kicking in. So rather than making things harder on myself by thinking negatively and going down dark spirals of thought, I surrendered to my surroundings. I went with the flow rather than go against it. I truly believe that is the key to having a good experience while traveling. It’s not so much about flying first class or anything material, it’s about getting your mind in a place of peace and surrender.


10/10 would recommend visiting Thailand!! It’s a bit expensive getting there but once you’re there you’re not spending a ton of money. This was a trip of a lifetime and I am changed by this experience. It’s worth every cent.

You really learn not only so much about yourself, but about the culture of another country. While in Thailand, I realized this is what people call home. I stepped back from my day-to-day routines and I was apart of theirs. It strangely reminded me of my own home, and I felt some sense of familiarity. We’re all on the same planet. We’re all people. We all have our schedules, things we have to do, people we love and care about. I felt a bit of a depression when I came home, but that’s normal after being gone 16 days I suppose. I really missed teaching yoga! I have it pretty good at home and at the end of the day, I have no complaints. I’ll miss Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Phuket, but I know I’ll be back someday.

Enjoy some pictures below!




Okay one more..




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