Travel Post – Thailand!


I’m back from Thailand and it was absolutely incredible! I wish I had a better way to describe this experience, but it was just that..amazing. The food, sight seeing, and excursions were unbelievable. I have tons of pictures and memories to put together a bigger picture of the trip, but main thing I want to talk about is the mental take away from this. I’ve reflected a lot since I’ve been back and here’s what’s resonating right now..

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Teaching Corporate Yoga

PHH Class

PHH Mortgage, Mount Laurel NJ


Wake up. Practice yoga. Grab some coffee. Get in the car- drive 10 minutes to the office. Say hello to the security guard/receptionist. Plop myself in the conference room/break room/warehouse. Lay out my speaker, chimes, business cards, and aromatherapy. I turn the music on and wait patiently for my students to arrive.

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3 Important Lessons I Learned Starting My Own Business

side plank

Hello!!! It has been toooo long since I blogged on here- I know I said I would write about my trip to Amsterdam but I’m going to save that for another time. Right now I’m super deep into networking and trying to market myself. It’s been well over a year and a half since I started teaching yoga. As I’m sure you already know I primarily teach corporate yoga in the South Jersey area. It’s been over a year at my dad’s work at ASRC Federal, 9 months at the Michael’s Development company, and just over a month at my NEWEST client PHH Mortgage! I’m also teaching at a STUDIO at Honest Yoga in Marlton. People can actually come to my class outside of work now! Lots of exciting things happening.

I wanted to share what I think are the 3 major lessons/tips I’ve learned through this crazy amazing journey of building my business..

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What Self-Care Really Means

Screenshot 2017-06-02 at 12.49.16 PM.png

The meaning of the term “self-care” has changed so much for me over the course of my life. The more I have connected with myself and have grown to love the person I’m becoming, the more I understand what self-care really means (to me anyway). I only really started understanding what self-care is through this last year or so.  I think everyone goes through this, finding out what it means to truly care for yourself. Everyone’s view is different and the ways in which people take care for themselves is unique to each individual.

I want to go back to the beginning of this journey for me. To when I hated myself.

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